Revolution 2020

The latest book by Chetan Bhagat was sort of a disappointment. The only reason I purchased it was I had thoroughly enjoyed couple of his previous books including 2 states. Although I am not a speed reader, I was able to finish this one in 3 days. The book quite obviously was written for an audience of school/college kids and quite contrary to the name, was utterly disappointing in providing any mature plot. The story immersed in emotions of ¬†adolescent¬†mind and teenage love story seemed to be dragged too far and I guess made a funny read for any adult. ¬†Nonetheless, Chetan’s style is awesome as always and at times he nails it so perfectly that you can’t help liking him. He is by far, the wittiest and funniest author I’v read.

Anyway, it was at least worth the money for Rs.99!!