Great Indian Developer Summit 2011 – Day 1

The Great Indian Developer Summit kick started today at Bangalore. The 3 day event has three main areas of focus – .Net, Web and Java. Having attended for the last couple of years, it is a quite different experience to attend a non-open source event.

Rather contrary to its name, I did not find the event very impressive. The thing with non-open source events is that they can really afford to splurge a lot to glorify the events/products. The event has been highly advertised and marketed for the last couple of days. They have also tried to woo the participants by offering heavy discounts (Actually having insanely high registration fees initially and later charging the reasonable fee quoting as discount). I found the signal-to-noise ratio really low. Most of the speakers of the first day were from the event-sponsoring companies who also had stalls in the expo-area. I’m not sure if they were given slots because they were sponsoring or it was other way round.

Although I did get to know a couple things that I did not already know about, such as developing RESTful services with WCF 4.0 and using OData protocol. I am not sure if it is really that easy, but the guy giving the talk was able to demo it writing 1 and half lines of code.  Also a very-hard-to-understand form of data storage called MDX (I’m not sure I wish to understand it).

I am looking forward for the something bit more useful and interesting on the second day including the hottest talk of the web – HTML5


Update on Startup saturday

I got the opportunity to attend the Startup Saturday event this month. It was interesting with about 60+ enthusiasts and startuppers showing up at the Microsoft signature building.  It was nice to see bunch of young minds with so many innovative ideas. Ravi Gururaj from Citrix, who is also a seasoned entrepreneur himself (as I got to know) told about the Citrix’x incubation programmee for startups having business related to Citrix services. I enjoyed a very inspirational talk by muki from pepper square. I wanted to post a link to the video which was to be uploaded, but I haven’t received it yet.

It is interesting that in the three hour event, one hour is dedicated for networking and getting to know each other where you have a good chance to find a partner for your startup.

Not surprisingly, many startups are built around applications for Android/iPhone. I’m a bit skeptic about their future, but then I’m also not sure if they are really planning for the future.

I was told that there are large number of similar events/communities in bangalore and across India. Obviously, I underestimated the startup ecosystem in India. I intend to explore more about them.