How to start a startup

It is very insightful to read essays by Paul Graham. Just read one on “How to start a startup“.  I have read many articles and blogs on similar subjects. Paul’s version is a bit different.  Reading Paul is a pleasure since he puts things so simply. A very interesting thing I found, which was very unlike other articles, was the reason one would want to start a startup.

As opposed to chunks of material and even research papers on this subject written by other authors, Paul hardly mentions it. Only at one place he fleetingly mentions high monetary gains as a reason, which is always true besides any other reasons that one may have.

Nonetheless, very interesting essay by Paul Graham.


Startup saturdays

While I was beginning to think that there is no ecosystem for startups in India and India does not have anything like Y Combinator, I looked around a bit and found out I was so wrong. There seems to be a whole lot of activity going on in startup industry. Web companies seems to be cropping up on daily basis. I have to get sync with buzz in bangalore. It seems it has been couple of months since Groupon has entered Indian market already. It faces stiff competition from home grown companies doing similar business. It is amazing that there are quite a few of them now. Snapdeal takes the top spot.

An interesting event to bring startup aspirants together happens every month in bangalore  called Startup saturday. I suppose it happens at a rather small scale but I am going to try and attend it next month.